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As you are aware, I have been banned for an alleged doxxing on the 20th of July 2020. I believe that I may have been accused of an alleged doxxing of player _loveli with player Raining_Oranges faking it and eventually got me perm banned

The truth is that in April 2020 whilst Gujarat was part of the Yemen Empire, I had set up a Minecraft Server for military training. A day prior I had warned everyone that their IP will be visible to me (and Aternos) however I would never reveal their IP

To the start of May 2020, player _loveli publically in discord asked "indian u know where im from". Under UK Data Protection Act 2018, I was obliged to answer if I had data (accessing personal data). Geo-IP checks said that it was x town.

Now that answer turned out to be wrong, player _loveli did admit in discord that it was false and said the real answer. I attached those messages on my appealing ticket and proof player Raining_Oranges always wants to VC

Please note that Rule 2.7 says that I can't share personal information. I never revealed the IP and couldn't get any other data from that apart from knowing that player _loveli was a southerner (for England)

At the start of July 2020, the state of Gujarat left the Yemen Empire which obviously made player Raining_Oranges mad. Since then he has been harassing me.

On the 19th of July 2020 in EarthMC chat at 1pm British, players Raining_Oranges, zovely and _loveli got a lot of the chat against me accusing me and simply being toxic. I eventually escaped to play on another server but still..

Since that day I have blocked the 3 people on discord. Although it is marked as "blocked messages" for me, player Raining_Oranges has been still harassing me and accusing me of doxxing on the EMC Player Union's discord (false news!)

My Plans

During the appeal times, navyaxD will be temporary president of Gujarat. Reliance, Air India and ICAO services will be on hold with MasterCard still working due to it being discord based.

If the appeal fails, all my stocks with NASDAQ and SSE will be willed by me, Reliance will be sold, Air India will be disbanded and ICAO and MasterCard to JoniAlt. I will probably remain in some servers. I will also be developing more with my company MacroAIS

If all succeeds, I will come back obviously but play slightly less and potentially will sell Reliance


My Appeal so far - click here

The Truth behind Raining_Oranges YouTube: Click Here

-indian7p (indian7p#6837 on Discord)

Updates Info

Latest Appeal Update: 08-August-2020 17:26UTC

Latest Site Update: 08-August-2020 17:48UTC - Appeals links to the list of all my appeals I have uploaded here!